Senin, 14 Mei 2012

kata-kata motivator dalam bahasa inggris


Far beyond you

Your own success goes far beyond you. In this highly interconnected world,
when you create value in your own life you cannot help but also create value in many other lives.

True success is not selfish, even when it is undertaken for self-serving reasons.
In the process of achieving your own goals, you enable those around you to achieve their goals.

When value is created, it adds value to all of life.
So instead of placing judgments on your intention to create value, just get busy and bring that value

to life.

Your dreams are not exactly like anyone else’s dreams. They have a beauty all their own.

Go ahead and share that beauty with all of life. Achieve and succeed in a way that’s meaningful to

and give your own goodness to the world.

Bring your authentic dreams to life. For when you do, all of life will benefit from the beauty of those


Through the difficulties

One of life’s greatest gifts is the fact that life is difficult. Because in dealing with life’s difficulties,
you build priceless skills.

Those skills enable you to successfully fulfill your deepest, most meaningful purposes.
It is precisely because life is difficult that you are able to make it great.

It is because life is difficult that you are able to rise above the difficulties.
You are able to make a difference and you are able to truly matter.

The burdens you carry can set the stage for your greatest triumphs.
The challenges you work through challenge you to become stronger and more capable.

Life’s difficulties provide the resistance to strengthen your life muscles.
Though it is painful to feel the burn, it is also immensely satisfying to feel those muscles growing

ever more powerful.

Accept and acknowledge life’s difficulties, and you connect yourself with life’s great opportunities.
Work your way through the difficulties, and you arrive at sweet, satisfying fulfillment.

More than just getting by

You can do just enough to get by, but then all you get for your trouble is to stay where you already

With a little more effort, you can make your efforts truly count for something.

As long as you’re doing the work, you might as well use the opportunity to create meaningful value.
As long as you’re putting in the time, you might as well get some significant rewards from what you’

re doing.

If your attitude is to just get by, you’re setting yourself up for frustration and resentment.
When, on the other hand, your goal is to give your very best, even the obstacles become

opportunities to move forward.

Instead of calculating how little you can get by with doing, etc enthusiastic about how much you have

the opportunity to accomplish.
Instead of feeling trapped by your obligations, choose to feel empowered by your ability to make a


There is nothing to be gained by making yourself miserable about what you must do.
There’s everything to be gained by fully investing yourself in the work you’re doing.

Do yourself a big favor, and go beyond just getting by. Rise above your obligations,
and transform them into opportunities for spectacular achievement.

Expand the beauty

There is magnificent beauty in life. And what’s even better,
is that you can make much, much more.

Delight in the beauty that’s here right now.
Let it inspire you to create new forms of beauty and value that have never existed before.

Remind yourself how good it is to be living in a world filled with endless possibilities.
Express your sincere gratitude by bringing some of the best possibilities to life.

Open yourself to see the wonder and magnificence in even the smallest things.
Feel how good it feels to be in awe of each moment you’re in.

The way beyond life’s negativity is not to fight it but to overwhelm it with joy.
Let yourself be a constant conduit of life’s immense joy.

Joyfully put life’s ever-present goodness to good and meaningful use.
Spread the joy, expand the beauty, and make life richer than it has ever been.

Unmatched joy

It is in the living that life gains more and more meaning. It is from the challenges, obstacles,
disappointments and persistent efforts that life’s achievements gain their value.

If you wish to enjoy success, don’t seek to shortcut the process.
If you wish to be kind, compassionate and helpful to others, don’t enable them to shortcut the


Living well is not the same as living easy and carefree.
Being truly rich does not come from being irresponsible, nor does it enable you to avoid


You can have mountains of money and possessions and still be very poor.
Life’s real richness is not about what you have,
but rather about how much authentic goodness and fulfillment you express.

You may indeed find superficial pleasure in many things.
Yet what gives true joy and fulfillment to your spirit is what you have earned with integrity and


It gains you nothing to have everything if you have not put your effort and commitment into it.
Step up, take full responsibility for creating real value in your world,
and experience the unmatched joy of making a difference.

Beyond the challenge

Before you focus on the obstacles and difficulties,
think about the rewards you’ll bring into your life by getting past those difficulties.
Before you consider all the effort that’s involved, consider what you have the opportunity to achieve

with that effort.

Certainly there are challenges facing you.
To get yourself successfully through them, make sure you have a strong, meaningful, compelling


Imagine, with all the richness you can give it, how good life will be on the other side of the challenge.
Let your imagination give good, solid purpose to the strength that will carry you beyond the


When your authentic purpose is aligned with your efforts,
you will absolutely find a way to be highly effective in those efforts.
You’ll have the strength and ability to innovate, adjust, improve and persist for as long as necessary

to get the job done.

Before the journey even begins,
use your imagination to immerse your mind and spirit in the rewards waiting at the end of that

The more vibrantly you visualize and relate to the goal, the more energy you’ll have to get there.

Though it may be extremely challenging, there is a path from here to there.
Connect solidly with your purpose for getting there,
and you will soon have worked yourself successfully beyond the challenge.

Something magnificent

This is the day your dream comes to life. Because this is the day when you can take a positive,
intentional step toward it.

Today, you have the power to think and act and live as you choose.
Choose to focus your thoughts on the positive possibilities and to live with real meaning and


It is only a convenient illusion that life seems to happen to you.
In fact, the life that matters is the life that happens from you and through you.

Live this day from the perspective of authentic purpose, and nothing can keep you down.
Use the grand opportunity of this moment to more fully be the beautiful, unique person you truly


You are alive and aware and filled with a vision of how life can be when it is at its best.
Feel the rightness of your purpose and live it with everything you have.

Today, life’s abundance and limitless possibilities stretch out in every direction.
Today, you can make it all into something magnificent and uniquely you.

Worth living

You have something beautiful to offer.
You have an inspiring and uplifting story to tell.

You experience life in a way that’s unlike anyone else.
You have things to say that can benefit everyone else.

You have dreams, visions, and values that can make a real difference in the world.
You can give love and joy and meaning to every moment you’re in.

You can make a difference today. You can make life worth living by the way you live it.

You are a priceless, unique expression of what it means to be.
Through the focus of your existence, all of existence is brought to life in a way that has no equal.

Live this day with joy and richness and substance and love.
Show all of life, in fresh new ways in every moment, why it is so very much worth living.

Practice creates mastery

The more you do something, the better you do it.
Tricks and gimmicks and shortcuts might help a little bit, yet practice is what creates mastery.

If you seek to do it well, then do it often.
There is nothing that can take the place of practice.

Do you wish to be more confident in unfamiliar situations?
Then transform them into familiar situations by rehearsing them in advance, with lots of practice.

There are some things your mind remembers,
and then there are those things remembered by the entirety of your being.
Practice instills that powerful holistic form of memory.

Sure, it can be immensely frustrating when you’re not as skilled as you’d like to be.
Make use of that frustration by channeling its energy into determination, and with that

determination, practice.

Practice winning, practice losing, practice making the effort,
practice peacefully accepting disappointment and gracefully accepting success.
Every time you practice, you make yourself that much better.

Keep moving

When your efforts bring the results you seek and also when they don’t, keep moving.
Welcome the achievements with humility, welcome the setbacks with confidence, and keep moving.

Don’t use success as an excuse to rest on your accomplishments.
Don’t use failure as an excuse to give up.

Whatever has happened before, your best choice now is to keep moving, keep learning,
keep making the effort, and keep improving. Build new value with what does work,
and accumulate valuable experience from what doesn’t work.

When you realize you’ve been distracted and wandered off course, don’t let it get you down.
Just accept where you are, figure out the best way forward, and quickly get going again.

When you’re standing still or being pushed backward, you have no control over what happens to

Keep moving, because the way to control your direction is to have some direction,
and the more assertively you move, the more control you have.

Life’s abundance is all around you, and each day brings new opportunities for fulfillment.
Use every day to keep moving, and bring your best possibilities to life.